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Your income – expenses = your budget,

aka what you can comfortably afford.

We can help guide you on creating a budget so it’s a breeze,

with no worries and no need to submit an application.

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We are looking at all you movers, shakers, and money makers;

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Features and Highlights

Whether you’re looking to renew, refinance, or tap into your current home equity, we have the answers you didn’t know you needed—and more.

Personal loans—think renos, investments, vacations, clearing debt, and more

Save money with better rates on mortgage renewals

Use your home equity to pay debt and improve cash flow

Your Home Is a Big Investment

George helps you stand tall with each step as a homeowner,

by showing you your home’s equity with a combined calculation of mortgage balance estimates and property valuation.

As your mortgage experts, we keep a close eye on the market and rates for any opportunities to save you money through refinancing or renewing. Translation: more cash in the bank to create a custom “welcome home” doormat.

What Move Are You Making?

Renewing My Mortgage

It’s an opportune time to save yourself some money. When your mortgage is up for renewal, before you sign it, compare your current lender’s renewal rate with George Capital’s offers. We know you will be pleasantly surprised.

Refinancing My Mortgage

Do the terms of your mortgage need a change?  We can work it in your favour by using the money in your home to pay off high-interest debts and be mortgage free sooner. Yes, you read that right. George Capital makes it possible to refinance up to 80% of your home’s value quickly and easily to consolidate and pay off debt, increase cash flow, and have one easy payment.

Looking at a Home Equity Line of Credit

George Capital has a whole range of financing options to meet your home improvement needs. We will explore the available options with you, while giving you actionable insights to tap into your home’s equity. So, whether that looks like a major renovation or a minor project, you can access the extra funds to take your home to that next level of comfort.

Find the right fit!

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