First-Time Home Buyers

You are opening the door to your very first home and an adventure filled with unknowns. No worries, we know our stuff. We’re in it together and your future is just around the corner.

Let's get you a home!

Hi, First-Timer

We are happy you are here! Let’s get you a home.

Yes, it’s a bit of a process,  but that’s why you’ve found

George —we are the numbers people.

Features and Highlights

With the numbers taken care of in your home-buying equation, you can get busy being excited about the fact that you are going to be a homeowner.

Get ready to say, “I live here now.”

Speedy pre-approval and great mortgage rates

Closely guided and completely digital mortgage application process

Flexibility for self-employed and newcomers

Here’s a Snapshot of Your Path with


Step 1.  Understand what you can afford

It’s all about the budget. Your income – expenses = your budget, aka what you can comfortably afford. It’s your financial forecast and the Mortgage Calculator makes it a breeze, with n​o worries and no need to submit an application.

Step 2.  Get your pre-approval

With help from George Capital, you will determine the mortgage amount you are eligible for and which mortgage option will best suit you and your needs.

Step 3.  Start your hunt

House Hunting 101: contact a real estate agent or casually browse through properties on,,,, or Grab a snack, put on a good playlist, get comfortable, and keep one eye on your budget.

Step 4.  It’s Mortgage Application time

When you find the home you want, it’s time to put in an offer and apply for your mortgage. We are right beside you for each step of the application,  giving you the guidance, recommendations and support to get you a home.

Step 5.  Happy Closing Day!

Get familiar with the happy sound of new keys jingling in your pocket. It’s time to celebrate being a Homeowner!

Get me a home!

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